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Election Fraud

"Seeking liberty and truth above suppression and mendacity!"

2004 U.S. presidential election controversy and irregularities


Black Box Voting - Ballot - Tampering in the 21st Century


Election 2000 - Information on the 2000 Election and other events.


Election 2000 The Broken Election - fraud, corruption, racism, partisan politicking and simple incompetence?


Election 2000 - Editorials and Information on how to Impeach Bush.


Election 2000 - Presidential Election Fraud Links.


Election 2000 - What really happened


Election 2000 - Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud.


Election 2000 - Fraud Factor


Election 2000 -GREG PALAST / Journalist who investigated the 2000 electoral fraud in the USA


Election 2000 - THE GREAT FLORIDA EX-CON GAME How the ?felon? voter-purge was itself felonious


ELECTION FRAUD 2004 ! - Another Stolen Election ? - Did they do it to us again?.


Election Fraud 2004 - The Election Math looks fuzzy!


Election Fraud 2004 - American voter rights have been stolen once again.


Election Fraud 2004 - None dare call it voter suppression and fraud.


Election chief warns of absentee scam - People posing as election officials are visiting residents of several counties and offering to take absentee ballots.


Electronic Voting Fraud


Electronic Voting: - The Stolen Election of 2004


Evidence of Election Fraud & Voter Suppression - Find out for yourself.


Diebold and Election Fraud


Dirty tricks and tight races - As the US midterm elections go down to the wire, accusations of misconduct need to be taken seriously


Hacking Democracy


Katherine Harris - the top election official in the state and co-chaired the Bush for President Florida operation in 2000, sounds like a confict of interest. She retained ChoicePoint to remove felons from the voting rolls, ignoring complaints for years that the firm had continuously removed legitimate voters, ones who often had ethnic names.


Ohio 2004 Election


The Nagging Problem of Election Fraud - Dead people and household pets cast ballots in 2000


Voting Machine Controversy


What really happened - Do you know? Find out know!


Was the 2004 Election Stolen?


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