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Trump Drained the Swap and Filled it With Toxic Septic Tank Water

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"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech," said Benjamin Franklin.
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Donald J. Trump drained the swamp and filled it with toxic septic tank water
Washington in worse off now than it was before Trump became president.

A. B. Man III

Donald J. Trump and the Trump administration are the brown stuff floating in septic tank water and will go down as the worse, most corrupt, comprised and dishonest administration in American history. Trump is violating the emoluments clause by collecting foreign money at his hotels and properties. Trump’s trips to his properties are making him richer while draining taxpayer dollars from the public coffers. Our tax dollars pay for his trips to his properties. Trump has been given intelligent briefings on multiple times that the Russians interfered with the 2016 election, starting before he was elected. Trump still refuses to admit the Russians interfered with the 2016 election. Trump is a Russian mole who was compromised by the Russians and is doing Putin’s business. Trump the mole is attacking our democracy while Republicans protect him you cannot get any swampier than that. Some people give Trump the benefit of doubt that he does not want it to put a shadow on his election win the truth he does not want to go to jail, can you say lock him. Trump has not hired the best unless you mean the best at corruption and destruction. Trumps so called best people are carelessly spending taxpayer dollars as if they won the lottery. The rest are doing jobs they are not qualified for and are destroying the very departments they were assigned manage. Some are doing it willing others just do not have clue on what they are doing. When Trump said, drain the swap he meant, “We plan to drain the public coffers out of all the tax payers dollars we can get and destroy all departments that help the poor and the middle class”. Donald J. Trump and the Trump administration are the brown stuff floating in septic tank water and will go down as the worse, most corrupt, dishonest comprised administration in American history.

We are dedicated to exposing the real Donald J. Trump and shining a light on the threat he is to Democracy, America and you. Learn more about the real Donald J. Trump.Find out about the real Donald j. Trump and the Mueller investigation. Is Donald j. Trump a traitor, yes, trump is a traitor. Was there Russian collusion? Did the trump campaign collude or conspire with Putin and the Russians. Is trump the king of fake news alternative facts? Does trump lie? Is Donald Trump a racist? Find out more about trump the Mueller investigation Russia. Learn about don the con trump and Russia. Find out about the trump Russia Putin connection. Is trump a traitor? Find out more about don the con, con man don and learn about the trump university, trump foundation, Russian collusion, money laundering, Trump the money launder and more…

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