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Bush And The Republicans Claim To Be Better On National Security Than The Democrats.

Joe American

What Bush and Republicans say and what they do is not the same thing. Bush and Republicans have puts us in danger time and time again. No matter how Bush and Republicans spin it they were on duty when 9/11 happened they controlled all three houses Congress, the Senate and the White House. They claimed there was no advance warning yet the evidence says otherwise. So why did Bush Oppose the 9/11 Query Panel if they had nothing to hide. Bush sent our troops to Iraq with lies and innuendo, lack of body armor, lack of key spare parts for gear vital and no plan to secure Iraq and no plan to get out. Support for our troop means sending them to war for a reason with the proper body armor and spare parts not for lies and innuendo. Our soldiers are getting wounded and dying for Bush's lies and innuendo. Is this how he supports our troops?

Bush approved the sell of six U.S. port facilities to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates at least one of the 9/11 hijackers came from the UAE. Lawmakers wanted to halt the UAE takeover Bush threaten to veto if they did. He who controls the ports controls what comes into the country and what goes out. Our ports should be controled by us and no one else if we don't control our ports and someone else does how do we know what comes and what goes. Is this how he handles National Security by given away control of our ports?

The latest is a White House website that posted Iraqi nuclear bomb documents from the first Iraq war that could be used to create a nuclear bomb and a nuclear lab breach that may include information on how to deactivate locks on nuclear weapons. Both are bad but the website is something a terrorist would do not something our government should do. Is the Bush administration on our side or the side of terrorist? Is this how Bush and the Republicans handle National Security given information to make nuclear weapons to anyone who has an internet connection? If this is how Bush and the Republicans handle National Security we don't need it. Do you really feel safe with Bush and Republicans in charge? I don't feel safe with Bush and Republicans in charge and neither should you.

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