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Fraud and Corruption Headlines

Class-action fraud lawsuit filed against Halliburton

More On Iraq And Halliburton

Criminal probe targets Halliburton's Iraq deal

New Fuel To Halliburton Fraud Fire

Cheney accused of corporate fraud

Cheney's Mess Worth a Close Look

Medicaid Is Start of Drug Resale Trail


Misinterpretation of fraud statute led WorldCom case dismissal

A Miasmia of Corruption: The United Nations at 50

A Tale Of Two "Paulas"

BCCI settlement costs top $1.2bn

Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI)

Halliburton: $10B And Counting

Halliburton Lost My Lunch Money

Pentagon Opens Criminal Fraud Investigation Into Halliburton

Congressional Inquiry Necessary for War Profiteering

Bond-fraud scientist guilty

Urban myth exposed by trial

Two guilty of $2.5 trillion swindle

The "Noose" Tightens

Collision scams seen as part of high-stakes game

Swiss banks reach deal with US regulators

The Dot-Com Bubble and Investment Banks

More Evidence of More Halliburton Fraud

Halliburton Accused of Accounting Fraud

Guilty Plea in Enron Fraud Case

Ex-employees sue Halliburton for fraud

Halliburton to pay $7.5 million fine for not disclosing accounting change

Judge throws out ex-CIA agent's conviction

Vaccine Investigation

MCI hit with criminal charges

'God's banker' case re-opened

Bankers charged over Enron

Merrill settles Enron inquiry for $80m

Enron Corp. and Arthur Andersen

Anti-Corruption Resources

AntiCorruption - To Activate And Motivate The People Against Corruption & To Build Corrupt Free Society
Anti-Corruption - Forums for people who wish to fight corruption in the Americas.
Anti-Corruption Network - Dedicated to exposing official corruption, and those organizations and individuals that have acted corruptly.
Citizens Against Military Injustice - Seeks radical reform of the U.S. military justice system (UCMJ) to guarantee our service members equal rights under the law and provides vital resources to affected service members and their families
CnnMoney - Financial fraud and corruption
Combating Corruption - Anti-Corruption Resources
Cop Crimes - Complaints database; Police brutality and law enforcement corruption.
Election Fraud - The last 2 U.S elections may have been stolen. Information all americains need to know.
Fact, Fiction & Fraud in Modern Medicine - Prolotherapy treatment, Alternative Medicine and a hard hitting Newsletter covering the Philosophy of Medicine and Science.
Financial Scandals - Links to information sources and articles on major corporate and financial scandals, bank frauds, money laundering, corruption, scams, organized crime, etc.
Fraud.org - Internet and Telemarketing fraud information Center.
GoodBadCorrupt.com - Exposing police corruption. Officer Peach was shot twice by other officers, he returned to work and discovered a police officer rapist. The corrupt administration covered up the rapist because he was their friend.

MilitaryCorruption.com - Dedicated to uncovering military corruption. Fighting for the truth, exposing the corrupt

The Fraud Site - South Africa's largest online resource for fraud and commercial crime related information.
Commentary and opinions from around the world
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