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Comments from the Peanut Gallery
"Seeking liberty and truth above suppression and mendacity!"
Everyone has an opinion and the right to speak that opinion.
Our forefathers granted us that right it's called the First Amendment.
Read it then discuss it in the Forums.
"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech," said Benjamin Franklin.

Bush says Rumsfeld is doing a good job. Bush said Iraq has WMD. Bush said Saddam has links to Al-quida. Bush said he supports the Geneva Convention. Bush said the war is over.
Joe American

Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction, Saddam did not have links to Al-quida, Bush does not support the Geneva Convention, the war is not over, and Rumsfeld is not doing a good job. Bush has said a lot of things, problem is few if any have been proven true. We should have known he was not just another politician, when the man who claimed he would respect and protect the rights of States and the American people won the 2000 election by using the federal court to bypass the state court and strip the rights of the voters of Florida and the American people. If all the votes in Florida had been counted he would have lost. He may have had other help in that election but that's another story. He continues to put federal laws above state laws. During the energy crisis his administration refused to step in and protect the American public while Enron and the energy companies took the American people to the cleaners. He also claimed he was a unifier, however since he has been in office divisions both at home and aboard have grown farther apart. He has united people in their distrust and hated of America, however that's not a good thing. His policy of "If you are not with us your against us." is not what I would consider unifying, democratic or American, only arrogant.

He did give us a tax break and a rebate check. It may have helped the wealthy people and businesses, however it did very little for the average American. Bush has increase our nation debt so high that our children will have to pay for it for years to come, unless he raises taxes or reduces services. Some of you may remember when you could deduct the interest you paid on your credit cards and the tax you paid on goods you bought. Reagan gave us a tax break and shortly after that he overhauled the tax code and took away the deductions for credit card interest and the tax you paid on goods you bought. This hurt the poor and middle class, the people who pay the highest interest rates. You can expect a reduction in government services to pay for that rebate check and tax break and once again the poor and the middle class will take it in the shorts while the wealthy and business get a pass. Bush has plans to overhaul the Tax Code so you can also expect a tax increase. A tax increase can come in many forms; from an increase in Federal taxes on items like gasoline and cigarettes, to the fees you pay on your bills. Your State taxes may also increase and service will be reduced because of reduce State funding. Bush may also try and push more services to the individual States, causing more drain to already strained State budgets.

In Bush's quest for war anyone who did not agree with him was considered the enemy both at home an aboard. The Dixie chicks opposed the war and they got slammed, threaten, radio stations refused to play their songs, shows got canceled. It is far more patriotic to be against war then it is to put our troops in harm way for a lie. The U.N., the French and the Germans once our friends became the enemy because they refused to back his war. Because the French refused to help some wanted to change the name of French fry's and French Toast, now that's petty. His quest for war with false claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction has cost America 50 years of trust, friendship, goodwill and the lost of good American solders. In the run up to the war he claimed Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction and Saddam was a threat to the United States. He said Saddam was working with Al-quida, implying Saddam had some involvement with 9/11. None of which was true. Maybe he should have listened to the UN, the French and the Germans, if he had a little more patience a diplomatic solution could have been worked out and our troops would be home safe protecting America, instead of targets for any one who dislikes Bush or America. Now he has to go hat in hand back to the UN the French and the Germans the very people he shunned because they did not see things his way. The my way or the hi-way approach does work well when you have to play with others. Bush did make one claim that was true, he is a war President not a good one but he is a war President. Any President who is willing to start a war with made up evidence while fighting a war must like war. Any President who threatens to drop nuclear bombs is a war president. There was a time when we would have been sacred to have a President in office who was button happy, but I guess times have changed. Strong but wrong does make it right, it makes enemies and cost you friends.

Bush is trying to hoodwink us once again, telling us Rumsfeld is doing a good job is another slap in the face of the American people. Rumsfeld the Security of State who does not sign letters to next of kin, Rumsfeld the architect of a war gone wrong, bad intelligence, bad prewar planning, bad post war planning, failure to protect our troops, abuse of prisoners of war in Afghanistan, Cuba and Iraq. Failure to secure postwar weapons has put weapons in hands of terrorist and puts our troops at even more risk. If Rumsfeld is doing a good job it's only in the eyes of Bush and some republicans. Can we expect the truth from Bush, probably not, after all Bush was the man who put our troops at risk in the first place by starting a war short on facts and long on lies. Now the man who turned a budget surplus into the largest Budget Deficit on record has plans to fix our Social Security problem, Bush wants to put some of the Social Security money in the stock market. Somehow I can't get Enron and stock market crash out of the back of my head, a lot of people lost money and I was one them. Lets hope his plan to fix Social Security goes better than his plan to fix Iraq.

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