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"Seeking liberty and truth above suppression and mendacity!"
Everyone has an opinion and the right to speak that opinion.
Our forefathers granted us that right it's called the First Amendment.
Read it then discuss it in the Forums.
"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech," said Benjamin Franklin.

Stop blaming Clinton and the Democrats.

Joe American

Republicans need to stop blaming the Democrats. Clinton was not in office on 9/11 Bush was. Clinton did not invade Iraq Bush did. Republicans claim to be more fiscally conservative and mora than the Democrats, however the budget always goes up while jobs and services to the poor and middle class go down when Republicans are in control. Clinton inherited a budget deficit from the first president Bush that he turned it into a budget surplus. Bush Jr. promptly turned it into the biggest deficit on record while given big tax breaks to big business and the rich.

If Republicans are as mora and hold the constitution in such high esteem as they claim, then why did Watergate, Iran-Contra, Iraq War all happened when we had a Republican as president. If Republicans are so mora then why were they willing to change their code of ethics to protect one of there own. Republicans were willing to investigate Clinton from head to toe and every orifice in between but were not willing to investigate Iran-Contra with the same vigor and will probably give Bush a pass.

Some Democrats may have believed that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction and some did vote to give the president the power to go war. Would they have voted that way if the intelligent had not been tainted? Probably not. Would we be at war? No. Did they have a choice? Maybe not. Remember the "If your not with us your against us" policy that was rampant at the time anyone who disagreed with Bush was consider the enemy or unpatriotic. The Dixie Chicks got slammed, threaten, radio stations refused to play their songs, shows got canceled because they disagreed with Bush. It got so bad a Republican wanted to change the name of French fry's because the French disagreed with us. Bush was wrong the French and Dixie Chicks turned out to be right, it was a mistake to invade Iraq.

Republicans pass the buck and place the blame on Democrats while refusing to step up to plate and do the right thing. The Democrats have stepped up to the plate and admitted they where wrong about Iraq. Making mistakes does not make you bad person it makes you human. It takes strength and character to admit your where wrong. People who lack character attack rather than admit they are wrong. Clinton and the Democrats may have believed Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction however they did not invade Iraq Bush did, so stop blaming them.

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