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"Seeking liberty and truth above suppression and mendacity!"
"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech,"
said Benjamin Franklin.
Political News
From The Peanut Gallery our take on current events.
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"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech," said Benjamin Franklin.

McCain Calls to Build 45 Nuclear Plants - McCain Attacks Obama's Energy Policy to Sway Key Voters. Maybe McCain has forgotten about 3 mile island, Chernobyl, the 1957 Nuclear Disaster Karabolka Russian the second biggest nuclear or the two nuclear leaks in two weeks that triggered security and safety reviews in France

The Top 5 John McCain Flip-Flops

Connelly: McCain changing for the worse - McCain's presidential campaign is evolving into nonstop attacks on Sen. Barack Obama, salted with distortion and innuendo. An infusion of political talent from the Bush operation: Karl Rove-trained operatives have hijacked the "Straight Talk Express", and are driving it into the mud. - Connelly

Black Double Standard?

GOP senator: Bush plan could match Vietnam blunder

Police want bullet from teen's forehead

Bush administration: Ex-CIA prisoner shouldn't speak to attorney

Democrats decry 'tax breaks to Big Oil' as profits gush

Rumsfeld should resign

White House dismisses report it urged easing of torture limits

U.S. planning for possible attack on Iran

Bush Unfazed by Criticism of Iraq WMD Hunt

Final Word On Iraq's Wmd Sounds Very Familiar

A haunting end to hunt for WMD

Bush under fire over human rights

Bush: 'Sometimes, words have consequences'

Inmates tell of Abu Ghraib abuse

In GOP, Resistance On Social Security

CBS staff fired over Bush claims

CIA report faults top officials for pre-9/11 lapses

The Ohio objection

US tied over nuclear kingpin

Unhealthy deficit is the issue

Halliburton, the Second-Term Curse?

Feds to Investigate Voting Irregularies

The Bush-Gadhafi Deal

Politics and the CIA

Bush Raised Your Taxes

George W. Bush's Resume

Tainted Profits
New Suit Claims Firms Should Pay Reparations for Slave Labor

GOP Staffer Eyed In Memo Leak

FirstEnergy Blamed for Blackout in Report

Crying Real Tears For JFK

New Candor On Iraq?

White House Investigated Over CIA Leak

Senators Grill Bush EPA Pick

The Era of Big Government...Is Back?3

Bush touts expansion of global trade

For General's Rivals, Varying Cause to Worry

UN Security Council lifts sanctions from Libya

New poll: Voters evenly split on Davis recall

Dems Call Bush 'A Failure'

Supreme Court Eyes Campaign Finance Laws

McCain on Taxes: Trying to Have it Both Ways? - “There is nothing I would take off the table,” McCain said Sunday on Tuesday he said “No” on Wednesday he said “I want to look you in the eye: I will not raise your taxes nor support a tax increase. I will not do it,”.

Mondale rips Cheney for giving bad advice to Bush - says Cheney has bullied federal agencies and given absurd advice about the nation's risk and Iraq.

GOP kills Rumsfeld no-confidence vote in Senate

Hypocrisy is a weapon U.S. doesn't need in arsenal

Bush hit for linking Iraq to vote

Bush, Democrats spar over Social Security

Dems Want Details of Ridge Contacts

Social Security, Fact vs. Fiction

US: Iraq Never Had WMD since 1991

US 'erodes' global human rights

Human Rights Watch criticizes U.S.

Internal U.N. audits ignite debate over oil-for-food

One man's retirement math: Social Security wins

Armstrong Williams admits error

GOP finds way out of ethics spat

War on terror 'vanishes from agenda'

DeLay, Republicans Reverse Ethics Rule Change

Critical INFORMATION on President BUSH

Reporter receives home sentence and gag as Media attacks grow

Afraid you'll lose? Just change the rules

The Neocon Coup

Report: Florida data suggests e-voting problems


Dem Reps Seek Election Review

Gephardt To Endorse Kerry

Army to Delay Retirement for Troops Coming Home

Rivals hit Dean for criticism of Democratic Party boss

Which president told the biggest whoppers?

Giving millions to back a winner

Cheney Defends War Against Critics

Military confirms Muslim chaplain had secret papers

Islamic chaplain is charged as spy

Schwarzenegger opponents criticize debate format

Clinton Rally Delights Iowa Democrats

Gen. Clark Set To Join '04 Battle?

Federal judges refuse to postpone California recall

White House Knew Iraq Had No WMDs - The White House Denies Controversial Charges in New Ron Suskind Book

McCain, in desperation, goes negative

Running While Black for high public office — say, Barack Obama or Harold Ford — why does the opposition feels compelled to run low-life political ads featuring tacky, sexually provocative white women who have no connection whatsoever to the black male candidates.

Where Have You Gone, John? - Accusing the other guy of playing the race card is a not terribly subtle form of, well, playing the race card—and the victim.

Committee delays vote on Attorney General nominee

Egypt criticizes Israel over Abbas

UN Told of Weaknesses in U.S. Handling of Iraqi Oil

End to search for WMD seals doubts about pre-emption

WMD Hunt Ends; Bush's Spin Goes On

US Ends Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

Guantanamo Briton 'in handcuff torture'

Media Manipulation: Armstrong Williams Payoff Tip of Iceberg

No, secret payoffs that deceive the public aren't OK

Bush's real goal in Iraq

Democrats allege e-voting problems in Ohio

109th Congress Convenes With Pomp

Poll shows Europeans don't like President Bush and are disappointed with election

Doubts Persist About Election Results

A test of time for Powell's doctrine

Justice DeLayed, justice denied

Ethics and politics:
U.S. House Republicans sting themselves

GOP's bolder reign on Hill

Bush fund-raisers got appointments

Money Woes Crimp Disease Research

Ten Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq

The Foreign Policy of Big Oil

Fight against Al Qaida ‘has been weakened’

Why Do Stars Shine Only On GOP?

Federal Deficit Hits Record $374B

Campaign 2004: Clark’s Charge

Calif. Election Chief Backs Oct. 7 Vote

Clinton stumps for Davis

Bush's 'perfect storm'

Dean stumps for Davis in California

Carter Urges'Combined' Focus on N. Korea


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