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Free Consumer and How to Reports

Here you can find Free Consumer and How to Reports that you may find of value. The free reports listed below are in PDF format and cannot be edited. We do offer a CD that includes all reports listed below plus additional reports not listed in Rich Text (RTF) format. Rich Text (RTF) format will allow you to edit the reports and will with most text editors. Some of the information may be dated, so please check with the source of the information for the most current information. The information provided here, and sold by us is to be used as a starting point only and should not be taken as the gospel. We attempt to provide accurate information however all information is subject to change. Sometimes even dated information can provide information; it can give you an audit trail of how things changed for the better or for the worst. Please check with your doctor first before trying anything that may affect your Health. Please check with a lawyer on anything that may affect your finances or your freedom.

You can purchase the cd that includes all the reports listed below plus additional reports not listed for only $7.95 to cover shipping and handling cost. All reports are rich text format (RTF); some reports may require additional formatting. Free Consumer and How to Reports order form.

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Child Development:
Consumer Information:
42 Mechanic's ways to minimize auto repairs
57 Ways to reduce housing & home expenses
64 Mechanic's ways to make your car last longer
Car problems
Fifteen things you should know when ordering anything from anyone by mail
Getting your vehicle ready for summer
Getting your vehicle ready for winter
Winning the credit-card game

Your consumer rights


Crime Prevention:
Big mail order scams explained
Examples of mail order scams
Common-sense ways to limit your vulnerability to crime
Hidden truths about legitimate scams
How to analyze a rip-off scheme
How to burglar-proof your doors
How to burglar-proof your windows
How to prevent mail order fraud - Part 1
How to prevent mail order fraud - Part 2
How to protect cars, bicycles, motorcycles
How to protect yourself from pickpockets
How to reduce crime in your neighborhood
How to safeguard against rape
How to select a burglar alarm
How shoplifting affects you & your family
Popular con games and how to recognize them
Scam 1; $655,360 to gain
Scam 2; Get out of debt for life program
Scam 3; 100 times your money
Scam 4; The e-mail chain letter
Swindlers are calling 8 things you should know about telemarketing fraud
The legitimate scam
The sweepstakes fraud

Why your mailbox is full of sweepstakes offers


Age old and new age folk remedies for common ailments that really work!
Eating for life
Fifty old folk-home remedies to relieve arthritis and rheumatism
Fifty useful tips for better sleep
Guide to health insurance for people with Medicare
How to beat depression!
How to overcome killer stress
Measuring your stress level
Potions, teas, vitamins, drinks, massages and Herbal baths helpful in inducing a good Night's sleep
Read it before you eat it! Curious george and the new food label
Ten teas from plants around you and their Benefits

The Medicare handbook


The Constitution of the United States of America
The Declaration of Independence
The Emancipation Proclamation

The United States Bill of Rights


Citizen's guide to pesticides and toxic substances
Emergency preparedness checklist
Fishing bait - 10 oil-based formulas
Five formulas you can make
Get $10,736 for something collecting dust in your home that you probably don't even remember you have
How to make and use herb preparations
How to protect your home from intruders
How you can bronze baby shoes
How you can color fireplace flames
Old folk's home remidies for arthritis
Practical tips to secure your home, protect your family and valuables
Professionally clean your vcr yourself
Simple directions for using herbs to make infusions, decoctions and ointments
Tweaking every last penny out of your garage sale
Waterproofing canvas

Ye olde and new collection of hints for homemakers


Money Saving:
31 Useful tips to reduce big telephone bills
34 Legal methods to cut high postage costs
36 Butcher's suggestions for cutting meat bills
38 Proven methods to reduce medical & dental costs
47 Proven ways to economize at home every day
55 Rules for cutting home heating bills
66 Ways to save money
Cutting your grocery bills in half
Nine ways to lower your auto insurance costs
Plastic formulas

Thirty gas saving tips


Personal Topics:
A man's guide to survive a divorce
A woman's guide to survive a divorce
Alcohol and society today
Conquering the smoking habit
Facts about alzheimer's disease
How and where to meet eligible men
How and where to meet eligible women
How to file a claim for your benefits
How to rebuild your self-esteem after a divorce
How to reorganize for happiness after a divorce
Schools without drugs - a plan for us all
The family guide to drugs and drug abuse
What to do when you're a crime victim
Wills or Trusts? The case for Living Trusts

Your guide to Social Security Benefits


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