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"Seeking liberty and truth above suppression and mendacity!"
"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech," said Benjamin Franklin.
Everyone has an opinion and the right to speak that opinion our forefathers granted us that right it is called the First Amendment. Read it then discuss it in the Forums.

Donald J. Trump (aka Don the Con, aka Don the Snake, aka Two face Donnie, aka The Don) is a con man
Donald J. Trump is a con man who with the help of Putin and Russia was able to steal the 2016 election. His next book should be called “The Art of the Con”
Published by A. B. Man III - 19/7/2018
Donald J. Trump drained the swamp and filled it with toxic septic tank water
Washington in worse off now than it was before Trump became president. Donald J. Trump and the Trump administration are the brown stuff floating in septic tank water and will go down as the worse, most corrupt, comprised and dishonest administration in American history.
Published by A. B. Man III - 19/7/2018
The Republican Party is a cult masquerading as a political party.
Like a cult, the Republican Party expects loyalty to party above truth and loyalty to the country. Republicans defend Trump and the Republican Party at the expense of our democracy, our judicial system, our intelligence agencies and our allies.
Published by A. B. Man III - 17/7/2018
Is Donald J. Trump a Russian mole or spy?
The evidence shows Trump has been compromised and may be a Russian mole spying on America for Putin and Russia for how long nobody knows. Trump could be a mole or spy Russia turned long ago.
Published by A. B. Man III - 10/7/2018
Should Donald J. Trump be impeached?
Yes, Donald J. Trump should be impeached if Mueller finds Trump is compromised, conspired with the Russians to win the election, is a traitor or a Russian mole.
Published by A. B. Man III - 9/7/2018
No Drama Obama fixed it Drama Queen Don the Con broke it
No Drama Obama worked to fix things, Drama Queen Don the con breaks everything he touches.
Published by A. B. Man III - 6/7/2018
Donald J. Trump is the World's Number One Liar
Many people are saying Donald J. Trump (Don the Con) is the world’s number one liar and the world's number one prover of alternative facts (lies) bar none. Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sean Hannity and Fox News are tied for second place
Published by A. B. Man III - 5/7/2018
Trump is a Drama Queen, a Con Man and a Wannabe Dictator
Trump’s America first policy is 'I'm The Only One That Matters' Trump first, Putin second, America third. Trump makes a drama out of everything big and small.
Published by A. B. Man III - 6/2/2018
Trump and the GOP need to stop the BS Donald J. Trump donated to both Democrats and Republicans.
Trump and the GOP are trying to take away our first amendment rights, whom a person donates to or how they may express themselves does not determine how a person does their job.
Published by A. B. Man III - 24/12/2017
Are Trump and Donald Trump Jr. traitors?
If Trump is spy or a mole for the Russian government or Trump, Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign conspired (colluded) with a hostile country (Russian) to change the outcome of our elections then yes they are traitors.
Published by A. B. Man III - 21/12/2017
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